Welcome to CARS 360 Mke, we are an online automobile reviewing organization based in Southeastern Wisconsin. The company was founded in June 2014 by Rahul Raman, a graduate of Marquette University’s College of Business Administration. The first article on CARS 360 Mke was published on October 16th, 2014.

               Since we are an independent automobile reviewing organization, we have the liberty to share the latest automotive news in a not so traditional way. We do realize that for some, automotive industry is a dry subject and are only concerned about their vehicles when it stops functioning as the manufacturer intended.  We also do realize that for some people, the auto industry is very confusing and complicated environment with changes happening on almost an hourly basis. Finally, we realize that there are people out there who know anything and everything about the automobile industry and are indifferent to the automobile journalist’s opinion about a particular vehicle. Based on these observations, our goal is to Make Konnections Everywhere (thus the MKE part) by featuring News, Reviews and Everything Automotive.

               All of our articles are categorized under five main titles: News, Reviews, Spotlight, Trends, and Videos. All of these categories will be further explained in the paragraphs below.


This tab is dedicated to all the latest automotive news from around the world. We do admit that some of the articles in this section might be similar when compared to other motoring websites (after all, there are only limited ways to describe a particular news), but the way we write and share these latest news with our readers are completely original and unique. The automotive industry is very diverse field and we will do our best to cover all the important news as much as possible on a timely manner. In case we forget to cover a particular news here or there, we do apologize in advance and we would really appreciate it if you, the viewers, do send us any news that you might think is important enough to mention via our Contact Us section and we will make sure to upload it on to our website on time.


This section is the heart of CARS 360 Mke. Here, you can read our comprehensive vehicle reviews, which comprises of five subcategories. The five categories through which all vehicles will be reviewed are comfort, convenience, driveability, safety and cost. By incorporating these five categories in our vehicle reviews, we strive to offer consumers all the important information about a particular vehicle in their consideration. For people who do not have time to read our articles, we also cover the same sections in our video reviews as well.


At CARS 360 Mke, we believe some cars need to shine in the limelight (for good and bad reasons), and this is why we have the Spotlight section. In this section, we talk about cars that are making a strong influence in the auto industry. The key point of this section is its diversity of vehicles. Here, the readers can find a variety of vehicles ranging from practical and economical hatchbacks to super exotic sports cars and everything in between. In this section, we talk about features and options that make a particular vehicle stand out among other vehicles in their class and how this influences the auto industry in general. However, we do not want our readers to get confused with the content presented in this section with the content featured in our Review category as this section covers a particular vehicle in more detail than the Spotlight section is intended for.


This is a very unique section of CARS 360 Mke. Here, we talk about anything and everything that is influencing or impacting the current automobile environment (for better or for worse). When visitors click this tab, they will find many interesting and diverse topics featuring trends that have significantly altered or affected the auto industry. This section is also intended for consumer interactions and we highly recommend people sharing their opinions on a particular trend by commenting in the comments section below each article.


In this section, we feature interesting, automotive related videos from around the world. The structure of each article is very simple; first, we give a little background information about what the video has in store for the viewers. Then, we share our opinion about the featured video and finally, we present you the video itself for your viewing pleasure. However, if you are interested in just watching the video, then click on the “video” subcategory, which can be found under the “Galleries” tab. Here, you will also find our vehicle reviews in the video format.

This concludes the five categories through which all of our articles will be published on our website. For additional viewing pleasure, we have the “Galleries” tab, where you will find the “images” and “video” subcategories and can checkout our entire collection of images and videos from all of our featured articles.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with us, please do so via our Contact Us form. If you want to scroll through our previous articles, checkout our Archives section and if you want to receive the latest articles, then click on the Register tab to become a valued member of our viewing community.

We hope you enjoyed the visit to CARS 360 Mke and we look forward to welcoming you once again in the near future.


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