2015 Ford F 150. Built Ford Aluminium?

Yes folks, the new Ford F 150 is all aluminium. With that fact out of the way, it is time to focus on the rest of the truck. In order to promote its F-Series trucks, Ford has used the slogan “Built Ford Tough” for more than a decade. Till the 2014 model year, the F-Series have always been built out of steel for rigidity and durability and because of this reason the F-Series have been the go to truck for the heavy duty industry workers, ranchers, and people who just want a truck in their lives. So, why is now shifting its production of the F 150 and future F-Series from steel to aluminium? Well, the answer is very simple; CAFE.

CAFE stands for Corporate Average Fuel Economy, a new efficiency standard set by the government to which all of the automakers need to comply to in order to sell their products in the U.S. It states that trucks should get at least 25 MPG by year 2020 and in order to comply with these new regulations, many truck makers are either shifting to small, more efficient engines, or are doing what Ford is doing to their new F-Series, reducing weight by shifting the production from steel to aluminium. So, now the question is it “still built Ford Tough?”

From the way it looks on the outside, yes, the truck still looks very dominating with its large chrome grill and wide stance. So, what about its truck capabilities? Well, on that front, the new Aluminium built F 150 does not loose out much compared to its steel made predecessor. The new F 150 actually has more carrying and towing capability than its ancestor primarily due to its new chassis and engines.

The new F 150 rides on a new and stiffened chassis, which is more resistant to chassis flex and can tow and carry more payload. Also, under the hood, the new F 150 comes with three engine options. The base engine is a 2.7 L Eco boost V6, which makes it the smallest engine offering in the light duty truck segment. The mid range is a 3.5 L Eco boost V6 and the range topping engine is a 5.0 L V8.

The base 2.7 L V6 produces a very healthy 325 HP and 375 Lb.Ft torque and thanks to its twin turbochargers, all of the torque is readily available at very low RPMs. With the upgraded chassis and the re programmed transmission, the base powertrain combination should be more than sufficient for majority of truck buyers and their daily driving necessities. The mid range 3.5 L Eco boost V6 is for the mid level XLT trim and higher, but does not offer a lot of advantage compared to the lesser powered V6. And the V8?, who really needs it anyway with the power figures offered by the two V6 engines?

Now that we have covered the exterior and the powertrain details, it is time to check out the interior of the new truck. As expected, the new F-Series are destined to have some of the best interiors in the truck segment. It doesn’t matter what trim level an individual chooses because the materials are very high quality in that particular price segment. The seats are really comfortable and the center of the dashboard is very well laid out. The speedometer and the tachometer are prominently displayed behind the well padded steering and are easily readable. The overall layout of the interior is very well planned with all the vital buttons within the driver’s arm reach and are easily usable.

So, in the end, how good is the new F 150 compared to the previous version? Well, by just looking at the truck, it seems like Ford is still on top of this truck making game, and I cannot wait to do a complete review of the truck and decide if this new Aluminium F 150 is still Built Ford Tough. 

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