logo smallWhat Is CARS360Mke? CARS 360 Mke is Milwaukee’s first automotive reviewing firm created by Rahul Raman to help non automotive enthusiasts to find their ideal car without getting all stressed out.

What Is Your Reviewing Format? CARS 360 Mke’s reviews are done in both a video and written format. Our reviewing process involves testing the latest cars through the five categories which should highlight the most important aspects of a vehicle a new consumer will be looking for while shopping for their new ride.

What Are The Five Categories? The five categories of the evaluation process are 1) Comfort, 2) Convenience, 3) Driveability, 4) Safety and 5) Cost. The order of these five categories are not random, but are based on months of research and observation at the local auto dealerships to see how a potential consumer analyzes a car in order to purchase the vehicle.

How Is Your Organization Different Compared To Other Automotive Reviewing Firms? This is a very interesting question, but the answer is very simple, it isn’t. While the mainstream automotive reviewing firms primarily focus on the performance aspects of a given vehicle, our goal is to focus on the entire automobile rather than this one factor. By reviewing the cars through our five categories, the consumer will get a better, well rounded picture of a particular automobile they are currently in the market for. While the concept of reviewing a vehicle will be similar compared to the more established firms, we strive to differentiate ourselves through our more well rounded reviewing format, thus enabling us to connect cars with consumers. 

Why Did You Choose Milwaukee, WI As Your Base? Well, the better question is, why not? In the past five years, the area in and around Downtown Milwaukee and its suburbs are gaining popularity and more small businesses are starting up and giving the local community additional boost in economics. By witnessing this upward trend, we decided to establish our firm in the suburbs of Milwaukee, to serve the southeastern part of Wisconsin. Also, since Milwaukee does not have an automotive reviewing firm, this provided us with an ideal opportunity to fill in the gap and establish ourselves as the go to source for automobile consumers in the Milwaukee and the surrounding areas in southeastern Wisconsin.

How Does The Company Plan To Grow In Future? We are just getting started, the company was formed in June of 2014 and so far, we have only finished laying the foundation of the company. All we know for now is that 2015 will be a very busy year for us as we set out to put our plans into action and gain traction in the Milwaukee automotive community. The future is very bright for our organization and we plan on taking every step we can to make CARS360Mke a staple in the Milwaukee area and contribute our two cents towards the overall growth of our local community.