Jaguar XE Wagon won’t happen according to Ian Callum

Jaguar XF Sportbrake
Jaguar XF-RS Sportbrake
Jaguar XF-RS Sportbrake

Ian Callum,  Jaguar’s chief designer told reporters that the manufacturer won’t build a wagon version of the XE sports sedan, and will instead focus on the new F-Pace crossover, which is based on the same platform.

This news was first shared with Automotive News Europe during an event for the new Jaguar F-Pace CUV.

However, based on a tweet by Callum, we now know that Jaguar hasn’t completely ruled out the possibility of introducing a new wagon at some point in future. If this rumor does come to fruition in the future, expect the next wagon to be based on the larger XF sedan.

In the report by Automotive News Europe, Ian Callum, a certified wagon enthusiast said “The wagon market is massively shrinking. I’m very sad about it but it’s a very difficult market to justify.” He also said that “The world’s largest wagon market is Germany. And what do they buy? They buy German cars.”

Based on this fact, we cannot blame Ian Callum or Jaguar for not making a XE wagon and instead focusing on the more successful and in-demand F-Pace crossover. At the moment, wagons only sell in significant numbers in Europe, and even there, SUVs are quickly replacing the wagons as the family transportation device of choice.

For wagon enthusiasts, the future does not look too bright as of this writing. But, thanks to manufacturers like Volvo, the wagon might soldier on for a little while longer before they become completely irrelevant.

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