McLaren P1 GTR vs. F1 GTR.

Next month at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show, McLaren is going to unveil the race track only P1 GTR. In the true McLaren tradition, the P1 GTR will be more powerful, expensive, and exclusive than its road going cousin, the “standard” P1. In the race car form, the engine and the batteries combination are good enough to produce 986 horsepower, which is more than enough to scare the living hell of the 375 people who will be eligible to own the car. Like Ferrari, McLaren will make the P1 GTR available to only to people who already own the P1. To find out what makes the P1 GTR different from the P1, head over to the technical guys at Top Gear by clicking here 

However, to appreciate the awesomeness of the P1 GTR, we need to rewind the clock back to 1995 and say “hello” to its grandfather, the legendary McLaren F1 GTR. Back in the day, the F1 GTR was a truly revolutionary machine. The body is constructed entirely out of carbon fiber. The engine bay is covered in pure gold foil to absorb the tremendous amount of heat from the 6.0 liter V12 derived from BMW Motorsports. The only transmission was a race spec, six-speed sequential transmission, which propelled the car to 60 mph from 0 within four seconds (pretty impressive for a super car from those days!) Unlike other cars (racing or street version), McLaren F1 GTR’s cockpit was truly unique because like a Formula 1 race car, the driver of the F1 GTR sits in the middle of the car, giving him the best visibility of the road ahead.

Thanks to its success on the race track and its win during the 1998 24 Hrs at Le Mans, McLaren celebrated this achievement by creating the 1998 McLaren F1 GTR-LM, which was nothing but a F1 GTR racer converted for road usage (barely). As time progressed, the value of the McLaren F1 and especially the F1 GTR-LM, has skyrocketed, thus making it one of the most expensive cars to purchase (if one ever shows up at auction, that is).

Fast forward to 2015 and after nearly 20 years, McLaren will debut the F1 GTR’s spiritual successor, the P1 GTR during the 2015 Geneva Auto Show next month. In order to celebrate this milestone, McLaren recently launched a minute and a half video featuring both the F1 GTR and the P1 GTR, playing a friendly game of  catch me if you can.  Oh yeah, for those who are wondering, the yellow and green paint scheme on the P1 GTR is inspired by Harrods-sponsored McLaren F1 GTR, one of seven F1 GTRs that competed during the 1995 24 Hrs at Le Mans in France. To add more credibility to its history, this F1 GTR was driven to a podium finish in the race by the legendary Derek Bell.

So, without any further delays, ladies and gentlemen, here is the minute and a half video, in its entirety, featuring the P1 GTR and its legendary grandfather, the F1 GTR, enjoy!

Information and video sourced from McLaren Automobiles LTD, Top Gear UK and You Tube.