10 Things You need to know about the Lincoln Continental Concept

Lincoln Continental Concept
Lincoln Continental Concept

Couple of weeks ago at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show, The Lincoln Motor Company dropped the mic on the auto industry when they debuted the extremely gorgeous and elegant Lincoln Continental Concept. Now that the media dust has settled a bit, here is a list of 10 things you need to know about the Lincoln Continental Concept. So let’s get started, shall we?

1) The production version of the Lincoln Continental Concept will be powered by a Lincoln exclusive 3.0 L turbo-charged EcoBoost V6.

2) Unlike the original Lincoln Continental, which was rear wheel drive. The new Lincoln Continental will either be front wheel drive or all wheel drive.

3) The Continental debuts the company’s new corporate grille design, which will be later applied to future Lincoln models.

4) The  overall design of the Lincoln Continental is aimed to please the wealthy Chinese consumers, who prefer to be driven in their luxury sedans by chauffeurs than driving themselves. But, I am confident that even the American consumers will be pleasantly satisfied with Lincoln’s new design language.

5) Instead of the traditional door handles, the Lincoln Continental Concept features E-Latches, which work via a push button under each upturned wing which pops the door open.

6) The original Lincoln Continental featured suicide doors, but after thorough considerations, Lincoln engineers fitted the new Continental with traditional doors which open to almost 90 degrees thanks to elongated door hinges.

7) The one tone interior of the Lincoln Continental Concept was based on an executive business jet cabin.

8) Rear occupants will be treated to reclining and massaging right seat, touch screen tablets that comes out of the center console,  center mounted refrigerator which is filled with chilled champagne, and custom, thick-stemmed champagne flutes.

9) Front seat occupants will enjoy heated and cooled seats which can be adjusted in 30 different ways, thanks to 11 air bladders which are strategically placed in the seat cushions all the way to the shoulders.

10) The Lincoln Continental Concept features 19-speaker Revel Ultima audio system. This will make it to the production model as well and it showcases the exclusive 10 year partnership between The Lincoln Motor Company and Harman, the makers of Revel.

Image and Information Source: The Lincoln Motor Company

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