Bugatti Chiron Will Debut At 2016 Geneva Motor Show

Bugatti Chiron
Bugatti Chiron
Bugatti Chiron

Ladies and Gentlemen, ITS OFFICIAL! Earlier today, Bugatti confirmed that the legendary Veyron’s successor will indeed be named Chiron, after the famous racer and Bugatti test driver, Louis Chiron.

In a press release, Bugatti president, Wolfgang Durheimer said “we want to make the best significantly better.” In the same release, he also said ” The Chiron will set new standards in every respect. We will continue to produce the world’s most powerful, fastest, most luxurious, and most exclusive production super sports car.” This will be a tall order to fill because the previous Bugatti Veyron made 1,200 horsepower in the Gran Sport version and had a top speed of more than 250 mph.

Like the Veyron, the Bugatti Chiron is expected to a variation of the company’s 8.0 L quad-turbo W-16 engine with electric turbochargers and direct fuel injection. With these additions to the engine, Bugatti engineers claim that the Chiron will produce 1,500 horsepower and will easily exceed the old Veyron’s top speed of 250 mph. The engine will most likely be mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, and power will be once again sent to all four wheels via a torque-vectoring all-wheel drive system.

Various sources claim that the production version of the Chiron will look like the  Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Concept, which debuted at Frankfurt International Auto Show earlier this year, minus the aggressive body kit and the central fin.

The Bugatti Chiron will make its global debut at 2016 Geneva Motor Show and the company claims that it has already received more than 100 orders for the hyper expensive and hyper fast automotive masterpiece.

Information and Image Source: Bugatti