Jeremy Clarkson has OFFICIALLY left the BBC Building!

The verdict is out and it is a bittersweet day for Top Gear fans around the world. Earlier today, BBC executives announced that they are not going to renew Jeremy Clarkson’s contract with the broadcasting company, thus ending a decade and a half relationship between the two parties.

Tony Hall, the Director-General of BBC, released an official statement describing the official ruling and thus, confirming the firing of Jeremy Clarkson. To read the entire message from Mr. Hall, click here.

In the statement, Mr. Hall basically thanks Jeremy Clarkson for all of his contributions to the broadcasting company over the decades and how he developed and revitalized the Top Gear brand into what it is today. He also mentions that though he is sad to see Clarkson go, he had no other choice but to terminate him because of his actions towards a senior producer of Top Gear, Oisin Tymon.

The story began on March 4th, when after shooting an episode for the show in Yorkshire, Jeremy Clarkson, tired and frustrated with the day’s filming, was denied a hot meal consisting of steak and potatoes, began to scream and verbally abuse the 36-year-old Irish producer. In the heat of the moment, Clarkson punched Oisin and the rest is history. This “fracas” between the two people resulted in a swollen and split lip for Mr. Tymon and Jeremy Clarkson was suspended from BBC on March 10th.

With Clarkson officially out of the door at BBC, many Top Gear fans are wondering what the show is going to be like in the future. Over the past few weeks, rumors from BBC executives state that they are considering to replace Jeremy Clarkson with BBC Radio 2’s host, Chris Evans, who also happens to be a genuine petrol head. However, when the rumor surfaces, Chris Evans is quick to push it back beneath the ground by denying any of these speculations.

So, I guess this is an end of an era, as another chapter closes in the history of this popular motoring show. Will the show be as popular in the future as it is now without Jeremy Clarkson?, who knows. Will James May and Richard Hammond stay and continue the show without Clarkson?, not so sure. But, will the audience miss the presence of Jeremy Clarkson?, absolutely.

Now, the good news is  that after three weeks of speculating, wondering, and worrying about Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson’s future at BBC, we can all collectively breathe out and continue with our normal lives knowing that Clarkson is no longer affiliated with BBC. But the sad news for petrol heads around the world is that Top Gear as a show, will not be the same without Clarkson’s involvement and presence. Sure, you can replace Clarkson with someone more politically correct, but the magic and chemistry between the three self-proclaimed “idiots” cannot be replicated.

In the end, all of  this is not really that big of a deal because at the end of the month, Clarkson’s contract would have expired with BBC, fracas or not. Now, the only thing we can hope for is that James May and Richard Hammond continue Top Gear with Clarkson’s replacement, but we already know this is not be the same Top Gear as we are currently used to. However, since James May and Richard Hammond’s contracts with BBC end at the end of the month, both could follow Clarkson to a new broadcasting company and create a new motoring show which will be more entertaining than Top Gear. So, fans of the three middle-aged blokes, don’t worry too much because we are bound to see them once again in our televisions sooner than later.