11 things you need to know about La Ferrari’s crazy cousin, the Ferrari FXX K

When it comes to ridiculous numbers, the Ferrari La Ferrari is full of them. The engine puts out 950 fierce, Italian ponies, it accelerates to sixty from zero faster than you can say “speed” and for its retail price, you could probably buy a small island off the coast of Italy and still have enough money left to build a house on it. Of course, for some people, the numbers associated with the La Ferrari are not ridiculous enough and the people at Ferrari have noticed it as well. So, if you really wish something more exclusive and extravagant than the La Ferrari, you are in luck because now there is more powerful, expensive and ridiculous expensive track version called the Ferrari FXX K.

The good news is Ferrari is going to build 40 of these ultra-expensive track monster, but the bad news is that all of them are already spoken for. To be honest, we will have a higher chance of spotting a white Rhino in the wild than the Ferrari FXX K on the racetrack. Also, just like the 599 FXX Evolution, the 599 FXX and the Enzo based FXX, the Ferrari FXX K will be maintained by Ferrari and they will “lend” them to you to drive around your favorite racetrack (just make sure to return the car back to Ferrari before heading home).

In the paragraph above, I already mentioned two facts you need to know about the ridiculous Ferrari FXX K. For the remaining nine facts about this awesome beast, check out Road and Track’s original article by clicking here.

So, if you really want to become a member of this exclusive club, keep an eye out for a used FXX, 599 FXX or the 599 FXX Evolution and get them before someone else claims it or lookout for someone who cancels their order of the Ferrari FXX K (the chances of this happening is very low).

Information and Images sourced from Ferrari and Road & Track. 

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