Dogs in New Zealand are smart enough to drive a Mini


At CARS 360 Mke, we strive to cover anything and everything that involves automobiles, in this case, it also includes dogs in New Zealand who are smart enough drive a Mini Countryman. 

In this video, which was published on You Tube exactly two years ago, we are introduced to Monty, the world’s first driving dog. The video begins with a dog being trained to shift the transmission into drive. Then we see Monty getting into the heavily modified Mini (so it is more dog friendly) with its trainer standing outside and directing him while he is driving. The task for the dog is to drive the Countryman around the corner while keeping the vehicle in the center of the road. For a man, this might look like the most elementary maneuver,  but for a dog, it is a gigantic leap.

So, why are these dogs getting trained to drive a car? Well, to be honest, I have no idea, but I would bet it is to aid people with visual impairments. Service dogs are currently trained to direct blind people from one area to another while avoiding obstacles , but in the future, there might be a possibility that their service dogs could also drive from point A to B.

For more information about this type of dog training, you can checkout The Driving Dogs’  Facebook page by clicking hereAlso, you can checkout the video that I had mentioned  about earlier below. 

Information and video were sourced from The Driving Dogs via You Tube

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