McLaren releases interior shots of the P1 GTR via Top Gear UK

Today, McLaren has released its first official images of the interior of the P1 GTR. To view the original article, visit Top Gear UK’s website by clicking here.

Compared to the already amazing “standard” P1, the P1 GTR has an additional 83 HP from its combination of a 3.8 liter V8 and its hybrid motors to a new total of 986 Horsepower. With this new power figure, the P1 GTR becomes the world’s most powerful super car with a hybridized V8.

Compared to the regular P1, the P1 GTR’s exterior has minor variations which adds additional down force and stability for the race car at higher speeds. One major difference that anyone will immediately notice between the two cars are that the P1 GTR has a large fixed wing in the back compared to the adjustable wing in the street legal P1. To further enhance aerodynamics, the side mirrors move from the front fenders to the side of the A pillars and are also much smaller compared to the street car. At the front, the P1 GTR receives a larger splitter to provide more down force to counter the down force provided by the large wing in the back. Overall, the P1 GTR from the outside looks a lot more intimidating compared to the standard car and I like that a lot.

The interior of the P1 GTR is all business as well. The steering wheel and the seats from the regular P1 are replaced with a wheel that looks similar to the one used by Lewis Hamilton in his 2008 Formula 1 car, while the seats are competition spec with six point safety harness to keep the driver buckled down while zooming at high speeds around some of the most famous international race tracks. Even though the interior is very spartan, the car does come standard with air conditioning, a luxury feature that many race cars do not offer and one feature the driver will really appreciate.

So, the next logical question will be “how expensive is it to buy one?” According to the article from Top Gear UK, McLaren plans on building only 30 examples and are estimated to be around £2 million or around $2.4 million based on the current exchange rates. For this price, McLaren will not only sell you the P1 GTR, but will also provide professional training program so that the lucky few who can actually afford it will not park it in a concrete barrier on the track.

If you really want to own one of the 30 samples of the P1 GTR, you better hurry to the local McLaren dealership with $2.4 million and do it now. Also, if you own a regular P1, your chances of owning a P1 GTR has just increased exponentially.