The Best Naturally Aspirated Engines of All Time

We all know that a car’s defining feature is the engine, it is the heart that propels a vehicle forward and makes us fall in love with one every time we either start them or let them loose. In the last year or so due to government regulations on emissions and other environmental issues, many automakers are transitioning from naturally aspirated engines to smaller, efficient and more powerful turbocharged units. So, as we bid farewell to the high revving, and glorious sounding naturally aspirated engines, it is time for us to look back on some of the best naturally aspirated engines of all time.

Over the years, there have been many great naturally aspirated engines from automakers around the world. For some, it is the Chevrolet LS series V8, for others it’s the V-TEC 4 cylinder engines in high performance Honda models, or for people like me who are big fans of Volkswagen Auto Group products, the legendary VR 6 and lets not forget the speed junkies who really adore their V-10, V-12, or in some cases, V-16 engines as well. So, finding the ideal bunch of these naturally aspirated engines can be a challenge for some. However, for people at CAR AND DRIVER, the task of finding these engines may not have been challenging at all since they have come up with a list showcasing some of the best engines in this category over the years.

So, what are you guys and gals waiting for?, checkout the list here to see if your favorite engine made it into this exclusive category or not. Also, let us or the guys at CAR AND DRIVER know if you either agree or disagree with their choice. Before I forget, if you have a personal list of the best naturally aspirated engines of all time, please feel free to share them as well.

Information and Images sourced from CAR AND DRIVER.