Toyota unveils the 2015 CAMRY NASCAR racer

Over the past week at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Toyota’s racing division unveiled its new, updated version of its CAMRY race car to a crowd of excited fans. This marked the first revision of the new Generation 6 first introduced to the NASCAR scene in 2013. The new CAMRY race car is heavily designed to reflect the image of its production car with dynamic and intimidating lines. Looking at this car makes us wish that Toyota USA made a two door, rear wheel drive version of its popular midsize sedan. Also, for the full race car experience, it would have been nice if the production Camry coupe (if ever made) came with a manual transmission and a V8 engine. NASCAR and Toyota race fans can see this car in action next year at the annual Daytona speed weeks. Till then, enjoy the remainder of the 2014 season with the current gen Camry stock car.

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