Welcome to the turbocharged world, Ferrari 488 GTB!


Oh, how the times have changed! For some, it is a good thing, new year means new changes. But for Ferrari enthusiasts, it means an end of a glorious, naturally aspirated era, as future Ferrari models will either be turbocharged or hybridized. The shift from the naturally aspirated V8 to turbocharged V8 first happened with the so-called entry-level Ferrari model, the California in 2012. Then came the spiritual and technological successor to the famed Ferrari Enzo, the LaFerrari, with its hybridized V12 engine as the flagship car for the company. And now, it is finally time to say “goodbye” to the awesome and naturally aspirated Ferrari 458, and say “hello” to the new, turbocharged Ferrari 488 GTB.

On the outside, the 488 GTB looks like a 458, but it isn’t. The design is all new, and one obvious feature are the two side vents behind the doors, which feed cold air into the new, and more powerful, turbocharged 3.9 L V8. Compared to the 458, the new engine produces 661 horsepower and a healthier 560 lb.ft. of torque. For those wondering, the 488 GTB produces more power than the 2003 Ferrari Enzo with is mighty, 6.0 L V12, yikes!

As of this writing, the Ferrari 488 GTB is scheduled to make its global debut at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show in March. Also, Ferrari enthusiasts and historians will be stoked to hear that the launch date of this car lands exactly 40 years after the launch of the iconic Ferrari 308, which went on to become a cult classic thanks to Magnum P.I.

As with all new Ferrari models from Maranello, Italy, the 488 will use a host of new technologies which will without a doubt, push the current limits of physics known to man. Among the various active and passive performance features, the 488 will feature a new variable torque management system that ensures a fat, flat torque curve across the entire rev range. According to the engineers in the red suit at Ferrari, at 2000 rpm, the turbo’s response to the accelerator is only 0.8 seconds. Also, if you ever meet a Ferrari engineer, do not mention the words turbo lag in any way because they will deny its existence in any of their new, turbocharged models.

Even without seeing the car or driving it, it is for sure that the Ferrari 488 GTB will deliver amazing performance results. Already, the PR folks from Ferrari say that the 488 GTB say that the car will go from 0 to 124 mph in 8.3 seconds. Again, for those keeping records, this is  the exact time the Ferrari 308 needed to hit just 60 mph from 0.

As previously mentioned, the design of the Ferrari 488 GTB is all new, even though there are some vague similarities between it and the retired Ferrari 458 model range. Compared to the 458, the Ferrari 488 GTB produces 50% more down force thanks to a new, double front splitter, active aerodynamic magic out back and a brand new, under body design.

Ferrari engineers are obviously not pleased with shifting their engine designs from naturally aspirated engines to either hybridized or turbocharged units, but hey, if there is only company that can make turbocharged engines cool and efficient and it is Ferrari. Also, if you want to know how the new V8 engine sounds in the new Ferrari 488 GTB, check out the brief video below, which was published by Ferrari on February 3rd, enjoy!

Oh yeah, before I forget, the interior of the new Ferrari 488 GTB will clearly be focused around the driver as the all the required buttons are located right on the steering wheel. And as always, expect a spider, lighter and more powerful variants to follow after the launch of the standard Ferrari 488 GTB, so stay tuned.

Information and images sourced from Ferrari. Video sourced from Ferrari via You Tube.

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