Petty’s Garage Tuned 2016 Ford Mustang GT Makes 727 HP

2016 Ford Mustang GT King Premier Edition Convertible
2016 Ford Mustang GT King Premier Edition Convertible
2016 Ford Mustang GT King Premier Edition Convertible

Two legendary names in the motoring industry have joined forces once again to create the most bad-ass muscle car for the 2015 SEMA Motor Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ford Motor Company and Petty’s Garage, owned by NASCAR legend Richard Petty have unveiled the 2016 Ford Mustang GT King Editions.

The King Edition Mustang GTs make more power than the standard Mustang GTs and will be sold in very limited quantities.

This desirable beast comes to life when Petty’s Garage adds a Ford Performance supercharger to the base Mustang GT, which bumps the power output by 235 horsepower, to an eye-watering 670 horsepower. An optional stage 2 package dials up the power rating to supercar rivaling 727 horsepower.

In order to handle the added horsepower, the grease monkeys at Petty’s Garage upgrade the chassis of the standard Mustang GT by adding TrakPak Ford Performance halfshafts, adjustable front and rear sway bars, and a beefed up rear axle. Additional visual and performance modifications include a set of custom 20 inch rims, upgraded suspension bits, and a center-mounted exhaust.  The King Premiere Mustang GT models feature bigger brakes (six-piston calipers up front and four-piston calipers out back), different style 20 in rims, and custom Petty Blue paint stripes.

A total of 243 2016 Ford Mustang GT King models will be produced. In this limited run, there will be 43 King Premier coupes and 14 King Premier convertibles. The King model starts at $67,495 and the King Premier model starts at $90,495.

For those who are concerned about voiding the factory warranty, don’t worry because the supercharger is covered by Ford’s three-year or thirty-six thousand mile limited warranty.

Image and Information Source: Ford Motor Company

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