Red Bull wants to build a road-going supercar

Red Bull X2014 Supercar
Red Bull X2014 Supercar

Recently at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed in England, Red Bull boss Christian Horner to journalists that its Formula 1 team may produce a road-going supercar.

However, we have heard this before. Red Bull first said it would collaborate with Nissan on a road-car project as early as 2012. In 2013, Horner said he wanted to grow the Red Bull brand outside of Formula 1.

Autocar  reports that Red Bull’s chief  technical officer, Adrian Newey is considering potential designs, with Horner saying that the F1 designer is keen on developing this car as his “legacy project”.

To date, Red Bull’s involvement with road cars has been limited to the Infiniti  Eau Rouge concept, which still has not been cleared or confirmed for production. An obvious technical partner for any road-going Red Bull project would be Infiniti (as they currently support the Formula 1 team by supplying engines), or potentially form a wider collaboration with Nissan. Technical partnership with Renault will not happen due to the unreliability of the engines the French company was building for the F1 team.

If and when Red Bull decides to build a real supercar,  they already have several Adrian Newey inspired virtual prototype to choose from the Gran Turismo racing franchise.

Information Source: Autocar and CAR AND DRIVER

Image Source: Google Images