2016 Buick Avenir. Old-school & New-school Designs Meet in Perfect Harmony In This Tri-Shield Flagship.

2016 Buick Avenir Left Front
2016 Buick Avenir Concept

The 2015 Detroit Auto Show has been a blast to cover over the past few days. We have seen some great products debuting in America and some models making their world debut. There also has not been a shortage of cool cars (both production and concept) suiting the tastes of auto enthusiasts of all walks of lives. Among all the cars present at the show, there was one particular car that caught my attention and it was the 2016 Buick Avenir, a concept four seat flagship sedan from one of General Motor’s most iconic brand.Since the golden days of the legendary nameplates like the Riviera, Electra and Park Avenue, the Avenir is the first legitimate attempt at creating a world-class flagship sedan borrowing cues from the past while keeping a steady eye at the present and future. Also, for those wondering what does Avenir mean?, it is the French word for Future and this Buick does a good job of showcasing Buick’s future design language.

Speaking of design, this Buick is one of the most proportionally designed car from the General Motor’s design studios. No matter what angle you look at it from, it is just absolutely gorgeous. The front grille has the typical tri-shield logo of Buick, but the logo on the Avenir has a thin chrome strip going through the tri-shield and based on a quick search on Google Images, this design pays homage to the emblem which first appeared on a concept way back in 1954. However, all the design action is taking place in the rear end, which was inspired by the boat-tail designs of the legendary Buick Riviera. The rear end design is complemented by wide brake lights and gives the car a very appealing look which combines elements from past with the present and future.

Underneath that beautifully sculpted hood, there is a modern direct-injection V6 with cylinder deactivation and fuel saving stop-start system. General Motors currently has a well suited twin-turbo V6 in the Cadillac CTS V-Sport that could easily make its way into a production version of this Buick flagship. In the concept, the “next generation” engine is backed by a nine-speed automatic transmission. The transmission routes power to all four wheels with a rear biased dual-clutch all-wheel drive system.

The suspension in the Buick Avenir is a setup that incorporates driver adjustable damping and the car is connected to the road via a set of 21 inch wheels.

If the exterior was all about blending the past with the present and the future, the interior of the 2016 Buick Avenir is just plain and simple modern with no connection the past whatsoever. The center console features a next-generation IntelliLink infotainment system with a 12 in color touchscreen which can connect to multiple devices. The Buick Avenir also features 4G LTE internet connection from On Star and through this, the owner can control everything including the home’s security system, lights and garage door opener among other features. Rear passengers will also benefit from the seat back-mounted screens and multiple USB ports for connecting various devices. Also, to keep the interior smelling fresh, real air is circulated through the ionic filtration system.

With the unveiling of the 2016 Buick Avenir at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, it looks like General Motors and especially Buick are coming back stronger than they ever were before their bankruptcy and restructuring. In the end, I would recommend you forgetting everything you knew about Buick from the past decade or two and start remembering the Buick models from the golden days. I patiently wait for the opportunity to test drive the vehicle and experience what it feels and looks like to see this American flagship on the road.

Information sourced from General Motors. Images sourced from Google Images.

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