Tesla Model S P85D: The four door electric GT-R has arrived

On October 9th, Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla Motors revealed the long rumored All Wheel Drive version of its very successful super electric sedan, the Model S. This variant of the Model S is called the P85D, the “D” stands for dual motors, and these two motors combined give the sedan its AWD capabilities.

With the addition of the front motor, the P85D has a new top speed of 155 MPH compared to the original top speed of 130 MPH for the rear wheel drive models. The overall performance of the car also takes a leap because thanks to the two motors, the horsepower figure now stands at a super car rivaling 691. The additional motor also helps the new sedan reach 60 MPH in just 3.2 seconds. This acceleration figure is very comparable to the Nissan’s very popular super car, the GT-R.

The new P85D replaces the previous RWD P85 plus at the top of the Model S range. Even with the additional motor and power, the overall driving distance has increased to 275 miles on a full charge. The interior has been modified to make the driving experience a bit more relaxing with more supportive “performance” seats, which adds a little bolster to the sides compared to the regular seats.

When driving the P85D, the driver will sure enjoy the new suspension arrangement in the front to accommodate the front motor, giving the chassis a tighter feel and thus enabling the car to take on the turns a bit more aggressively compared to the RWD version. With the new P85D, Tesla has also introduced the first completely autonomous driving capability in the Model S called the Autopilot. When activated, the system does everything that the driver used to do like look for the traffic ahead, keep the car in lane, look out for blind spots, and also come to a complete stop.

The new P85D will surely broaden the overall appeal for the car because with the AWD benefits, customers in the snow belt region will finally a Model S that can handle all the snow in winter. It also should be mentioned that the later this year, the AWD feature will also be available in the lesser trims as the P60D and P80D with a little less powerful motor.

I cannot wait to see this car in person and drive it because it looks like a winning combination of electric motors and All Wheel Drive all wrapped in the beautiful body shell of the Model S. Finally, there is a Model S that will please all of its customers here in the States and everywhere else the car is sold.

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