FormulaSpy presents the coldest and the longest lap around Nürburgring

Many will agree that driving in snow is not fun. The roads are slippery, traction is nonexistent and most of one’s energy is spent in keeping the car straight while traveling at a pace slower than that of a tortoise. So, what happens when you add in a formula 3 open wheel race car, Andy Gülden, a professional driving instructor and the legendary Nürburgring on a cold, -16 degrees Celsius day? Well, it results in the one of the slowest and most challenging lap around the famed race track.

Everyone knows driving in snow can be managed with a front wheel drive or an all wheel drive car, but it is  almost impossible to imagine driving on snow in a rear wheel drive car, well, actually, a race car. In the video, Andy Gülden, a professional driving instructor at Nürburgring, completes a lap around the “green hell” or in this instance, the “white hell”, in what looks like one of the most challenging drives of his career.

Throughout  the video, Andy is seen steering and counter steering the car just to keep it straight and not spin out. Also, during the entire lap, the driver does not up shift or downshift the transmission in order to keep the car steady and under control. Luckily, there were some parts of the track that was not covered in snow. This enabled the car to gain some traction and the end result was a lap time of around 15 minutes. For those who are wondering, this lap time is comparable to that of a hot hatchback on a dry surface during the summer months.

So, if you haven’t already seen it, check out the video below and enjoy one of the coolest and most challenging lap around Nürburgring.

Video sourced from via You Tube.