How to tune the vocal chords to sound like a Lamborghini V 10

The internet, especially You Tube is a fascinating place to spend hours looking at videos that make little to no sense at all. For example, today I was searching for a video which had to do with cars and Christmas, but as usual, there were none that satisfied both these requirements. As I kept clicking on through various videos, I stumbled upon this very interesting example.

The title of this video is How to make a V 10 Lamborghini sound with your mouth from You Tuber CarnecksVids’s Channel.  In the video, the presenter demonstrates step by step how to tune your vocal chords with a little help from an aluminum can, to sound like a Lamborghini V 10 throughout its entire rev range. At the beginning of the video, the presenter does mention that this is a bit trickier than you think and suggests that you place a strategic bend in the can to get the ideal level of vibration from the can.

In the middle of the video, the presenter shares the various frequencies of the V 10 during the rev range. This part of the video will be really appreciated by someone with a musical background. For the rest of the viewers, appreciate the science that goes into the tuning of the V 10 exhaust note and continue watching the video till the end for the final results.

At the end, after mentioning all the required steps, the presenter demonstrates how a properly tuned vocal chords and aluminum can come together to sound like a very mean V 10 from Lamborghini. In my opinion, his vocal chords and aluminum can combination makes a nastier V 10 noise than a real Lamborghini.

So, checkout the video below and let your ears be the final judge on which sounds better, the real Lamborghini V 10 or this presenter’s vocal chords and aluminum can combination.

Oh yeah, one more thing, before I forget, Merry Christmas and this will be the last post for this week, as I will be off with my family for a small break during the holidays. So, yeah, again, checkout the video below and enjoy!

Video Sourced from CarnecksVids’s Channel via You Tube.