Volkswagen Considering to add a Pickup and/or a Van To The U.S. Lineup

In a recent article, Bloomberg reports that Volkswagen Group is considering bringing a pickup truck or a small commercial van to the U.S. If true, this move will definitely help boost the German company’s sales in the U.S., which in 2014, dropped by 10% when compared to 2013.

In a recent press conference in Hanover, Germany, Volkswagen’s head of light commercial vehicles, Eckhard Scholz said “pickup trucks are a dominating segment” and after noting an interest in compact Euro vans in the U.S., he added “we’re looking at both options intensively.”  With these statements, I hope that Volkswagen will bring both the pickup truck and the van to the U.S. instead of one or the other.

Based on manufacturer’s reports, in 2014, Volkswagen Group sold more than 10 million vehicles globally, but the Volkswagen brand only moved 366,970 cars in the United States. Volkswagen’s global competitors, General Motors and Toyota, both sell midsize and full-size pickup trucks in the U.S. Ford’s full-size F-Series pickup is the company’s best-selling vehicle in the U.S. On top of this achievement, the Ford F-Series was also the best-selling vehicle in 2014.

Outside of the U.S., Volkswagen’s commercial vehicle division sells the midsize Amarok pickup, the Caddy compact van, the full-size Crafter van, and the T5 commercial vans and microbuses. Last year, in Western Europe alone, Volkswagen sold 292,000 commercial vehicles and globally, it sold 455,000 units.

With the chicken tax still being imposed on imported small to midsize pickups and vans in the U.S., don’t expect the Amarok, Caddy, Crafter, or the T5 to land on our ports anytime soon. However, there is some good news, in recent years, Volkswagen is investing 7 billion dollars into its North American operations. This means that when Volkswagen board members approve the sale of the pickup truck and/or the van in the U.S., it will most likely be built on U.S. soil.

Source: Bloomberg

Images: Google Images