Volkswagen opts out of Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl XLIX and Volkswagen Logo


The Seattle Seahawks are NFC champions and the New England Patriots are AFC champions and now, both teams are heading to the 49th edition of the Super Bowl in Arizona to grab the Vince Lombardi trophy on Feb. 1st in front of a sell-out crowd. The stage is set for the big game and now, the list is set with all the companies that will be airing their commercials in front of 222 million eye balls as well. Among all the companies listed by AdAge, one company that will not be returning to this year’s game is Volkswagen.

According to VWVortex, in November of 2014, Volkswagen announced that they will not be airing any commercials during the big game and it is for a good reason. Complicated math aside, all you need to know is that for a 30 second commercial during the game, it will cost a company around $4 Million and for a 60 second commercial, it is almost $8 Million. Based on these figures and after our not-so-complicated calculations, it is almost around $133,000 per second! For some companies, this gargantuan sum is justifiable, but for other companies like Volkswagen, it may not be the right avenue to showcase their products and/or services.

But, this does not mean to say that Volkswagen did not benefit from its presence during the earlier Super Bowls. In 2010, Volkswagen released The Force commercial featuring the new Volkswagen Passat and the mini Darth Vader, which went viral and became the most watched commercial of that year. Following the immense success of The Force commercial, Volkswagen released the Wings commercial during the 2014 game, which did not become as successful as the previous commercial. But, this small mishap could clearly not be the reason why Volkswagen opted to stay out of this year’s game.

As time progresses, the priorities of an organization change as well and this year, Volkswagen executives decided to invest their money in new markets or media channels to grow their brand’s awareness and not showcase their products during this year’s games. When AdAge interviewed a brand spokesperson from Volkswagen, the person stated that Volkswagen has “….opted not to participate due to other priorities and initiatives”, but did mention that the company “will consider rejoining when it is right for our brand”. 

This, however, does not mean that Volkswagen is the only automaker that has opted not to participate in this year’s big game. Other automakers including Audi, Jaguar and Lincoln have also decided to stay out for this year’s game. But, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Nissan and KIA have booked their spots during the game.

Now, the only thing that is left is to pick which team you want to cheer for and get ready for the most anticipated game between NFL’s two major powerhouses, the Patriots and the Seahawks.

Information sourced from Advertising Age, VWVortex, and Volkswagen. Images sourced from Google Images.